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Levels of a Rooster Teeth fan

Newcomer: Oh wow they post a lot of videos. I'll only watch the Let's Plays in Minecraft and GTA.
Eventually: Turns out I like them all, but I don't have time to watch
Eventually: *watches every video in existence*
Eventually: *watches anything affiliated to RT/AH*
Eventually: *buys all the merch*
In too deep: *watches 24 hour livestream and buys a broken chair for over $600*
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Season 6 queens and the power of drag

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what if in hell every spider you killed during your life crawled on you for all eternity

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Pussy tighter than a white woman’s grip on her purse when she’s walking through a black neighborhood.

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SHADE: The Rusical

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You never really appreciate your favourite songs until you’re up at midnight with nothing to do and you’re trying to do anything but sleep 

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dear cas